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Main BPM software features

Enterprise-grade process management

Itiner is a highly customizable, scalable and integrable with other enterprise digital transformation platform solutions.

Cloud-native & Mobile-first

By design Itiner provides a microservice-based cloud-native backend and mobile-first frontend.

No-code workflow management solution

Create simple and complex workflows through Drag & Drop. No coding or scripting is needed.


Simple and error proof workflow management

Our focus is providing organizations a platform that is just as simple as operating an ATM machine. One that guides the users' actions all along the way and makes sure that all committed actions remain error proof.

Lowering the skill ceiling

Itiner lowers the skill ceiling and ensures that front- and back-office employees can easily define, develop and manage complex workflows without the need of any technical background or coding skills.

Enabling Digital Transformation

Itiner's digital transformation platform enables organizations to easily adopt to new trends by allowing business professionals to create new applications even on a daily basis. This makes sure that customer demands are always satisfied.

Multiple ATMs

Itiner provides Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform by design

Itiner is a combination of technologies, modules, features and functions fully integrated and operating as a single digital transformation platform supporting organizations in their digital transformation efforts.

Itiner is Business Process, Workflow, Content & Case Management Solution offered as a tailor-made single suit.

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Itiner no-code workflow management platform

application development

ready-to-use apps in hours


without trainings and routine

Reduces the vulnerability

to lacking IT resources

Enables an

problem-solving corporate culture

Arms the organization

with flexibility in critical situations

How does Itiner digital transformation platform help?

Itiner enables organizations to adapt to modern conditions and demands.


Hands-on, easily accessed and managed


System operated and efficiency driven


Location independent, fast & low-cost


Centrally managed, stored and correlated


Organization wide, definite and solid


High Scale Horizontal Digital Transformation with the Itiner Platform

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Itiner for Banks and Insurance


Satisfied Customers

Szabolcs Bokodi
Chief of higher education
Tempus foundation

Simply, it works! The surface is extremely simple, which is good, because it reflects a clear and deliberate functionality, and it can be seen, that plenty of thinking accompanied the development of the software. I like very much, that there is no need to read 150 pages in advance to get to know the logic: the functionality and the correlations. It is a significant result: keep the focus on transparency, the direction and the concept is good.

István Sebestyén
Hungarian Saving Bank

„During the last 10 years, they didn’t have any custom development requests, as the new functionality received with the Itiner platform software support fulfilled all the actual business requirements”

Case Studies

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Outstanding customer satisfaction

Based on 500 customers feedback

Speed of processes

4.53/ 5

Security processes

4.53/ 5

Internal communications

4.39/ 5

Task prioritization

4.33/ 5

Minimizing complexity

4.29/ 5

Step-by-step task listing

4.30/ 5

Case & Master Data management

4.53/ 5

Information relevancy & research

4.15/ 5

Shared internal processes

4.19/ 5

Ease of use

4.06/ 5

Shared external processes

4.89/ 5

Usefullness of notifications

4.98/ 5


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Saving Bank Project

In August of 2019, a decision was made, that a digital document and work-flow management system has to be launched urgently at a newly formed Hungarian commercial bank employing cca. 7 000 employees. Both, the extremely short – 3 months long - time available for implementation, and a formerly conducted merger of 13 financial institutes resulted the main challenges of the project. As a result of a merger the whole operation of a bank could have been characterized by a heavy fragmentation.

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Union-Erste Project

In 2013, two subsidiaries of Vienna Life insurance, Union Insurance and Erste Insurance, set out to digitize back office insurance processes. Although the two major insurance companies belong to a group of owners, they operated as two independent legal entities. The aim of the digitalization project was to shift paper-based management to electronic paperless management, which provides efficient process management for fast customer service.

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IT support solution for Hungarian Post Ltd.

Due to its corporate philosophy, Magyar Posta pays special attention to customer communication, complaint handling, compensation claims, and rapid response to regulatory inquiries.

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Do it in time with Rossmann

I can say that as all retail companies, we also have a very detailed closing process for the end of each month. We can provide high-quality data to our management to make decisions for the future growth of our company. The process is well described, documented and is backed by a team of two from the controlling department.

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The Saving Bank project

In 2006, a young innovative managing director took over the Cooperation which was “burdened” with traditions. He recognized that at first, he must lose the burden of his own and his management team’s administration overheads to take the Savings Cooperation on a stable growth path. For his first project, the young manager asked Care All Ltd. to organize into a system those processes, which, at that time, were not handled by their accounting system. The primary objective of the project was to bring the managerial decisions to the right level and to benefit from a much quicker, paperless operation within the organization. Consequently, this burdens the managers less while giving full insight into the daily operations.

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Getting effective with Bács Waterworks

As the years went by, the contracting processes became more and more un-transparent, and at the first quarter of 2013 we reached that point, where we could not effectively track our contracts anymore. In the need of getting control over our processes and managing our contracts a more efficient way, we put out a tender, and among other competitors, Care All Ltd. was invited to present their solution proposal to our needs.

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The BAT Group

The BAT has very closed and limited processes in Hungary because of the strict regulations and the centralized tobacco delivery. They have some global solutions with different contents, processes and lot of global worldwide systems in all BAT countries. At the beginning of the project, BAT had a global program and they have been implemented some new global system to the BAT end markets (for example: SalesForce, POWER BI, MS SQL).

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