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Workflow Management

is an integral part of the Itiner Platform framework.
It enables organizations to develop both simple and complex workflows in a no-code environment without the need of any coding skills or IT knowledge.

The Workflow Management feature supports the parameterization of standard processes (workflows), ruleless processes (chaotic graphs), and also the combination of the two in the form of mixed administrative activities and processes.

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Form Management

is responsible for creating, modifying and editing digital forms. In addition, the feature supports the recording, storage and retrieval of business-critical data required for processes and workflows. The feature requires no coding skills or IT knowledge for proper use.

The data collection and recording interface can be developed and designed in less than a day thanks to Itiner’s intuitive UI and kiosk like UX. By attaching forms to cases fields requiring customer data is filled out automatically.

Document Management

feature is a secure digital document repository and archive. It acts as a digitization supporting service while providing the business logic required for business processes and operations. It is fully integrable with case management, allowing forms to be assigned to digital documents. This process is responsible for defining the metadata (descriptive fields) of documents.

As a result, locating and retrieving documents in the repository is much easier. In addition, with the help of forms, documents can even be linked to processes and document lifecycles can be established.  An unlimited number documents can be linked to a form and organized into logical grids.

Template Management

is a digital document generating feature to automatically produce documents, copies and forms from a set of predefined templates. Templates can also be customized allowing users to personalize default templates or create completely unique and complex ones. This is done via a selection of editable and rearrangeable action blocks.

Editing and rearranging a general template is done via a no-code UI, requiring no coding skills or IT knowledge. Templates can be either printed or utilized in workflow parameterization and management. Templates are ideal for the following: contracts, decisions, regulations, HR documents, formal notices and claims, offer calculations, and to do lists.

Master Data Management

supports the process of filling out templates and forms automatically. It acts as a database storing customer PII and organization related business-critical information that can be added to digital documents by selecting key fields. Master data is uploaded, managed and maintained automatically through an external source, or through Itiner’s UI as simple manual uploads.

Data Management

, also known as data extraction and reporting, ensures that all recorded data can be efficiently searched, reported and extracted for other systems. Metadata, data sheets, processes and documents recorded in the system can be searched by characteristics, narrowing down search angel. Unified management interfaces are developed to help managers proactively check the status of documents. In addition, built-in reports are available to query cases.

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Access Management

provides role-based Authentication and Authorization for all Itiner features, modules and components. Access Management enables administrators to define both basic and complex authentication and authorization policies and roles.

Digitization Management

incorporates several procedures developed specifically for mass document digitization. Mass document digitization is supported by QR and barcode labeling to indicate page breaks and document lengths. In addition, Digitization Management provides OCR based text detection and recognition. All digitized documents are forwarded to a central repository of secure keeping.

Integration Management

enables users to utilize both MS Office and Outlook as an integral part of Itiner. It allows to attach incoming and outgoing e-mails to ongoing cases, view e-mails related to the case during administrative processes and to upload content found in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint directly to workflows. The system also supports drag and drop when attaching a document or an attachment.

Search and Text Extraction Management

supports optical recognition of text containing images and their conversion into digital text formats. The text files of processed images are saved in an SQL database where they are indexed and can be searched. Text files can also be stored as PDF and accessed by users. General digital text files like MS Word can also be uploaded to the database, indexed and searched.  Form recognition and search is also made possible via OCR.

Log Management

differentiates three types of logs in the system, depending on the nature of use:

1. Event logs related to system operation, typically regarding user activities and system parameterization. Itiner event logs have the same structure as Windows event logs.

2. Case logs contain all events, data changes and case histories related to case files.

3. Service logs contain information regarding internal and external service performance and it is typically used for debugging and error fixing.

Automation Management

feature ensures that Process, Workflow, Case and Form Management is accompanied by fast and efficient administration with a minimal human error rate. It provides a high level of automation for a variety of Itiner features as a set of functions. Most of the functions are pre-designed and fully customizable via parameterization to provide a high performance and fully automated administration. It consists of functions such as process forwarding, automated administration, data filling, automated file receiving and forwarding, automatic form generation, user request handling, user authentication and document verification.

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Electronic Signature Management

provides digital signatures for remote interactions with customers and business clients to ensure the legitimacy of the conducted business. All electronically signed documents are labeled via a 3rd party’s digital signature and time-stamp. Electronic signatures can be incorporated into business processes, workflows and forms.

Notification Management

enables all Itiner features and functions to provide e-mail-based notification to users. It acts as a central management system where administrators can fully customize what notifications should each feature send out, regarding what actions and events and to which end user.

Case Management

is responsible for correlating stored documents as a structured network of cases. By default, at the heart of every case is a Master Data file with version control. Any number of documents can be assigned and attached to a case file. All attachments can be replaced and modified and all activities are logged. Case Management helps automating Form Management as information found in case files are automatically added to relevant forms.

Process Management

provides the means to electronically map processes, workflows, tasks and procedures via graphs. Depending on the business needs and protocol complexity graphs can be produced either by end-users or IT professionals. The feature supports the development of both control linear and branching tasks that arise during daily, weekly, monthly, annual processes and workflows.

Essentially the feature can be used to produce an unlimited number of graph points (process steps), with an unlimited number of traversal paths to suit the organization’s needs and desires.

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Saving Bank Project

In August of 2019, a decision was made, that a digital document and work-flow management system has to be launched urgently at a newly formed Hungarian commercial bank employing cca. 7 000 employees. Both, the extremely short – 3 months long - time available for implementation, and a formerly conducted merger of 13 financial institutes resulted the main challenges of the project. As a result of a merger the whole operation of a bank could have been characterized by a heavy fragmentation.

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Union-Erste Project

In 2013, two subsidiaries of Vienna Life insurance, Union Insurance and Erste Insurance, set out to digitize back office insurance processes. Although the two major insurance companies belong to a group of owners, they operated as two independent legal entities. The aim of the digitalization project was to shift paper-based management to electronic paperless management, which provides efficient process management for fast customer service.

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IT support solution for Hungarian Post Ltd.

Due to its corporate philosophy, Magyar Posta pays special attention to customer communication, complaint handling, compensation claims, and rapid response to regulatory inquiries.

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Do it in time with Rossmann

I can say that as all retail companies, we also have a very detailed closing process for the end of each month. We can provide high-quality data to our management to make decisions for the future growth of our company. The process is well described, documented and is backed by a team of two from the controlling department.

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The Saving Bank project

In 2006, a young innovative managing director took over the Cooperation which was “burdened” with traditions. He recognized that at first, he must lose the burden of his own and his management team’s administration overheads to take the Savings Cooperation on a stable growth path. For his first project, the young manager asked Care All Ltd. to organize into a system those processes, which, at that time, were not handled by their accounting system. The primary objective of the project was to bring the managerial decisions to the right level and to benefit from a much quicker, paperless operation within the organization. Consequently, this burdens the managers less while giving full insight into the daily operations.

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Getting effective with Bács Waterworks

As the years went by, the contracting processes became more and more un-transparent, and at the first quarter of 2013 we reached that point, where we could not effectively track our contracts anymore. In the need of getting control over our processes and managing our contracts a more efficient way, we put out a tender, and among other competitors, Care All Ltd. was invited to present their solution proposal to our needs.

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The BAT Group

The BAT has very closed and limited processes in Hungary because of the strict regulations and the centralized tobacco delivery. They have some global solutions with different contents, processes and lot of global worldwide systems in all BAT countries. At the beginning of the project, BAT had a global program and they have been implemented some new global system to the BAT end markets (for example: SalesForce, POWER BI, MS SQL).

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