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Record keeping,
Filing and Archiving

Utilize a central repository for secure document storage and archiving. Documents can be linked to cases and their contents extracted as Master Data. Assign documents to tasks, forms and workflows.

Contract Management
& Authorization

Establish complete workflows and forms to manage contracts via a completely no-code interface. Ensure that only relevant personnel can access contracts and only to the extent of their tasks and duties.

Account Management

Make the accounting and contracting process smooth and transparent. Simplify the reviewing, approval and finalization process of contracts through predefined workflows & automatic document generation.

Purchase Order Management

Plan evaluate and execute complex procurement processes with ease without the need of coding skills. Optimize and even automate the authorization and approval process through Itiner’s control feature.

Customer service

Establish digital communication and customer interaction channels to ensure rapid engagement processes. Automate menial and continuously recurring engagement and administrative work.

Complaint handling

Define a chain of information channel to ensure that complaints are properly accumulated and reach the relevant personnel. Automate complaint reception and response regarding recurring feedback.

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Project documentation

Create version control and approval process for documents, records and files generated during project management and investment meetings. Make project related processes and task more transparent.

E-mail based administration

Standardize the answering and processing procedures of e-mails through process control. Automate mailing procedures. Connect mailing services to workflows, content repositories and case files.

and candidate selection

Establish and define the entire HR lifecycle through an intuitive no-code environment in a few days. Build a database for incoming CVs. Provide efficient search and filtering options to support group work.

HR support

Digitize your entire HR department. Achieve complete administration digitalization. Streamline HR workflows. Develop forms, tasks, processes in less than a day via a kiosk like no-code solution.

Debt collection
& Invoices Management

Establish a debt management framework and ensure that the collection of claims can occur in a timely manner. Be sure that the legal documentation necessary for enforcing claims is readily available.

Policy management

Standardize the process of drafting, reviewing, amending, reviewing, approving, archiving and publishing policies, regulations and frameworks. Define direct channels for relevant personnel affected by policies.

Case Studies

all case studies

Error Handling & Helpdesk

Define channels and processes to accumulate notifications regarding issues and errors. Define a workflow process to track all tasks and duties required to fix issues and errors efficiently.

& Authorization

Ensure that only the right users can access the right systems, contents and assets. Itiner’s role-based authentication and authorization function centrally manages all access to other solution components.

Quality Assurance
& Risk Management

Establish a centralized framework that supports internal auditing and quality assurance and risk management at once. Define processes and workflows for planning, execution and notification.

Offer Management

Accumulate and distribute quotations in an automated fashion. Establish approval roles and procedures and integrate them into workflows. Connect quotes to cases and automate even the generation process.

Partner evaluation & rating

Qualify and review key partners and supplier in an annual fashion. Store the necessary information about partners digitally. Link associated qualifications and ratings to forms, cases and workflows.

Task Management

Manage tasks, activities and deadlines effectively in a centralized manner. Prioritize and categorize tasks. Divide them into sub-tasks, label them based on deadline, responsible personnel, and results.

Property register

Manage real estate registration in a streamlined and transparent manner. Link managed properties and corresponding documents to workflows, forms and cases to improve business efficiency and reliability.

Insurance processes

Centralize all administrative tasks and insurance processes under one solution. Register relevant documents, automatically generate forms, and control all front and back-end processes at once.

Front-office processes

Enable front-office users to develop workflows, tasks and forms with ease via a no-code interface. Itiner guides users throughout the entire process ensuring that the necessary information is readily available.

Back-office processes

Improve the efficiency of back-office processes be it volume, time, or rate driven. Enable back-end users to develop complex business processes and automate large chunks of administrative tasks and duties.

Secure Printing

Prevent the loss of information due to paper-based data exchange.  All documents passing through the MFPs, such as photocopies, scans and prints, are backed up and logged by Itiner in a secure fashion.

Mass Digitization

Digitize mass amounts of business-critical files and documents. Utilize a barcode system do differentiate and correlate pages. Add digitalized documents to cases and extract their contents as Master data.

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Saving Bank Project

In August of 2019, a decision was made, that a digital document and work-flow management system has to be launched urgently at a newly formed Hungarian commercial bank employing cca. 7 000 employees. Both, the extremely short – 3 months long - time available for implementation, and a formerly conducted merger of 13 financial institutes resulted the main challenges of the project. As a result of a merger the whole operation of a bank could have been characterized by a heavy fragmentation.

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Union-Erste Project

In 2013, two subsidiaries of Vienna Life insurance, Union Insurance and Erste Insurance, set out to digitize back office insurance processes. Although the two major insurance companies belong to a group of owners, they operated as two independent legal entities. The aim of the digitalization project was to shift paper-based management to electronic paperless management, which provides efficient process management for fast customer service.

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IT support solution for Hungarian Post Ltd.

Due to its corporate philosophy, Magyar Posta pays special attention to customer communication, complaint handling, compensation claims, and rapid response to regulatory inquiries.

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Do it in time with Rossmann

I can say that as all retail companies, we also have a very detailed closing process for the end of each month. We can provide high-quality data to our management to make decisions for the future growth of our company. The process is well described, documented and is backed by a team of two from the controlling department.

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The Saving Bank project

In 2006, a young innovative managing director took over the Cooperation which was “burdened” with traditions. He recognized that at first, he must lose the burden of his own and his management team’s administration overheads to take the Savings Cooperation on a stable growth path. For his first project, the young manager asked Care All Ltd. to organize into a system those processes, which, at that time, were not handled by their accounting system. The primary objective of the project was to bring the managerial decisions to the right level and to benefit from a much quicker, paperless operation within the organization. Consequently, this burdens the managers less while giving full insight into the daily operations.

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Getting effective with Bács Waterworks

As the years went by, the contracting processes became more and more un-transparent, and at the first quarter of 2013 we reached that point, where we could not effectively track our contracts anymore. In the need of getting control over our processes and managing our contracts a more efficient way, we put out a tender, and among other competitors, Care All Ltd. was invited to present their solution proposal to our needs.

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The BAT Group

The BAT has very closed and limited processes in Hungary because of the strict regulations and the centralized tobacco delivery. They have some global solutions with different contents, processes and lot of global worldwide systems in all BAT countries. At the beginning of the project, BAT had a global program and they have been implemented some new global system to the BAT end markets (for example: SalesForce, POWER BI, MS SQL).

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