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How does Itiner help organizations in Digital Transformation?

In today’s technologically advanced environment, when organizations are fighting for the attention of customer prospects, companies need a real competitive edge to match up to or get ahead of their competitors. With most industries getting more and more saturated, businesses need to get creative to diversify themselves and stand out from the crowd. Digital transformation is an ideal tool for this purpose, which can not only enhance the online experience of users and customers but can significantly contribute to profit optimization.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is when an organization adapts to modern conditions and demands through a combination of location-independent, fast, low-cost, and automated processes. However, digitization is more than just scanning documents and setting up a few workflows. In fact, these are just the first steps toward the expected outcome. Digital transformation includes record, procurement management, automation, access, and master data management, without being exhaustive.

What is Itiner?

Itiner is an innovative tool designed to define business processes, data, and document collection procedures, daily tasks, and requirements. All in one solution. Using a simple wizard-looking interface, users can be trained within 60 seconds and be served on any device according to their preferences.

Itiner is an excellent tool for controlling both front, and back-office workflows and duties.  Coding skills or long training sessions are a thing of the past with Itiner. Being a no-code solution, anybody can develop processes within less than a day using the transparent interface, fulfilling all corporate, security, and audit requirements.

How does Itiner help in digital transformation?

Achieving digital transformation requires a massive change in terms of process management which must come in a fast and measurable way to get the desired results. 

The Itiner platform supports all organizations to develop their own application sets and release them into day-to-day operations in a controlled environment. It offers an extremely simple drag-drop technology, where any complex business requirement can easily be converted into an application without a single line of coding. This no-code nature of Itiner makes this solution ideal for any organization with a varying level of IT knowledge across the board. All generated applications are web-based and follow a “mobile-first” approach

With the help Itiner, your team will be able to do the followings:

  • Digitalizing physical documents and enabling digital processes and workflows
  • Automating organizational processes, workflows, tasks & data correlations
  • Centralizing data handling via Document, Master Data, and Case Management
  • Standardizing processes and workflows across the entire organization
  • Simplifying day-to-day front, and back-office operations in an intuitive manner

The 3 pillars of Itiner

Now that you are familiar with the use cases in which Itiner can be of great use to your team and your organization, let us introduce you to the 3 quintessential pillars of Itiner. These 3 solutions are responsible for the execution of the above-mentioned responsibilities, which is why we think it is crucial you get to know them in a little bit more detail.


Itiner Workspace is a flexible and agile software catering to the needs of organizations in a precise manner. It amalgamates the advantages of an intuitive Workflow Management System and a checklist, which makes this tool ideal for tracking performance and change.

‍It was designed not only for the definition of business processes and workflows but also for managing daily tasks in an innovative way.


The Itiner Flex Engine is an interconnected complex structure, where its individual modules make each other’s effect even more emphasized. The objective of this development is to facilitate the creation of data-driven business processes, so as to standardize the day-to-day operational responsibilities of large multinational enterprises and government entities.


As its name tells, Itiner Repo Engine is a centralized and secure repository for documents.

It brings document, data, lifecycle, master data, and case management under one roof, thus providing a centralized repository of digital documents, which can be accessed by the authorized users on demand.

What are the benefits of using Itiner?

There are several key facts why Itiner offers more than any other similar software on the market. Its functions and capabilities enable organizations to optimize their workflows and increase their effectiveness, which makes customers’ experience better while reducing time to market.

  1. Extremely short development time. Develop and release workflows in less than one day. 
  2. Extremely short learning curve. Takes a maximum of two days to start producing complex workflows.
  3. Immediate end-user understanding. Takes less than 60 seconds for an end-user to learn what to do. 
  4. Several unique business objects help create complex applications in a straightforward way.
  5. Available on a multitude of surfaces such as PC, tablets, mobile, and dedicated terminals. 
  6. Itiner’s infrastructure is available as an on-premise, cloud, hybrid, or as an ASP solution.
  7. A fresh and modern design with a high focus on UI simplicity and UX streamlining.
  8. Emphasis on application consolidation, while workflows are adjusted to other business cases.
  9. DIY support via Google authentication, letting the external user be involved in the internal process.

In which cases can Itiner serve your business needs?

Now that you are familiar with the capabilities of this software, you might be wondering whether you need this solution in your organization or not. Let us help you by enumerating a couple of use cases, when Itiner - according to our experience and the feedback of our partners -, can greatly contribute to the advancement of your company to reach digital transformation or other business objectives.

  • When you need a swift way to develop and implement any change requests.
  • When you want very low software vendor dependency to develop tasks on your own.
  • When you need to manage over 5 000 users and over 500 steps long workflows.
  • When you need to maintain business standards, speed up operations, and ensure transparency. 
  • When you need to reduce SLA and internal operation time and increase BI availability.
  • When you need to automate a lot of your business processes and workflows.
  • When you want to minimize error potential while lowering the end-user skill ceiling. 
  • When you are looking for a top-of-the-line solution (microservices, docker & load balancing).

If you think Itiner is the ideal solution to meet your digital transformation and business goals, get in touch with us now!

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