Who we are?

Itiner was established in 2002 to perform business software design and development, IT consulting and IT outsourcing activities.

Since than the company delivered over 150 successful projects to both multinational firms and government entities.

The company specializes in providing operation automation, intelligent check listing, document & workflow management. for enterprises and government agencies.

What do we enable?

Itiner provides all the necessary tools organizations need to undergo a complete Digital Transformation process.

From document digitization all the way to workflow and case management, Itiner provides a simple and intuitive experience that requires no coding skills or IT knowledge.

What do we provide?

We provide enterprise-grade business process, workflow & content management as a tailor-made single solution.

Our solution enables organizations to digitize, centralize, standardize, automate and simplify all business related, tasks and duties.

Let us make Digital Transformation happen together!

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