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Finance, Banking & Insurance

Itiner enables financial organizations to improve workflow efficiency, customer engagement and satisfaction rate as well as alleviating the hardships of administrative work through automation.

Technology & Services

Itiner helps to streamline business processes and workflows to ensure that technology vendors and service providers always meet project deadlines while improving productivity and business efficiency.


Itiner brings order into workflows and clarifies associated tasks and duties. This ensures that malfeatures are able to deliver their goods on time while making sure that productivity is optimized.

Engineer checking if the workflow process is correctly done by the machines.


Itiner offers automated procedures to ease the difficulties associated with recurring engagements and continuous administration. All the while providing the right tools to adopt to new customer demands.

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Health Care

Itiner helps keep track of task and duties in a simple and intuitive manner. Offering a completely digitized approach to manage workflows and processes relevant in the health care industry.

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Itiner empowers educational institutions to effectively develop, manage and supervise day-to-day processes both from a student and a teacher perspective. All for the sake of easier engagements.

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Itiner streamlines and simplifies how foreign and internal engagements are handled through digitization automation, process standardization and procedure simplification. All provided as a single solution.

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Military & Security

Itiner unifies the governance of processes, procedures, workflows and duties and presents it in a task-based manner. Ensuring that all relevant personnel are fully aware of what activities they must fulfill.

Marching soldiers.

Transportation & Logistics

Itiner offers a transparent checklist regarding all mandatory tasks to ensure workflows are achieved in a standardized and efficient manner. It provides a clear view on all activities ensuring constant efficiency.

road network.

Construction & Infrastructure

Itiner offers the means to track production and delivery in an intuitive and easy to use system. A transparent way to measure how projects are proceeding and what is needed to ensure success.

Engineer working on his laptop at a construction site.

Research & Development

Itiner helps defining, designing, building, managing, maintaining and automating processes and workflows ensuring that research and development is on the right track and can meet deadlines.

A girl does a research on his computer.

Media & Telecommunication

Itiner provides the necessary tools to ensure efficient and automated engagement with customers and business partner while streamlining internal processes and workflows in an optimized manner.

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