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How does your business benefits
from being an Itiner partner?

Offering one of the most distinctive and innovative digital services solutions

Combining your services with our platform to create a unique solution package

Converting your business knowledge into application logic and building a recurring revenue model

Opening new doors to new prospects and clients in all major sectors

Provide Top-of-the-line
Workflow management platform

15 to 20 times faster development cycles
80 times faster delivery than custom development
Compatible with all industry standards;
on premise, cloud & private cloud
Seamless integration with ERP, Core banking & Core insurance solutions

Expand your current services with Digital Transformation

Takes only one demonstration to convince any customer

The end-user interface is as simple as an ATM

Roadmap for simple, complex & end-to-end digital processes management.

Significantly increase your income with a low investment

Takes Users less than 60 seconds to master it

Takes Admins 1-2 days to learn all its ins and outs

Jumpstart projects with pre-built workflows

Everything you need to
know in one

Check out our partnership program video where we summarize all the benefits and know hows on what it means and takes to become an Itiner partner

Select the partnership model that suit
your business needs the most

Itiner is akin to all partnership models

Commercial Partner

With a high focus on lead generation, sales enablement, and pipeline development

Implementation Partner

Strong technical expertise in the field of enterprise integration and implementation

White label Service Provider

Translating industry expertise and know-how to application business logic  

Managed Service Provider

Providing Business Process and Workflow Management as a service to its customer base

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How does our ideal partner candidate looks like?

What should our ideal partners’ focus be about?

Shared Service Centers who offer digital transformation, workflow, & business process automation solutions to large organizations
Advisory or consultancy firms who also incorporate "theoretical" paper-based process management practices into their portfolio
IT Service Providers offering complementary solutions to Business Process Management, Workflow Management, & Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
System and Solution Integrators focusing on infrastructure modernization and Digital Transformation
Managed Service Providers centrally supervising their clients’ Business Process and Workflow Management
Who can consult and aid customers in Digital Transformation
Procurement & Purchasing Partners looking to incorporate a simplified, streamlined, & hands-on Workflows Management solution into their portfolio
IT Resellers looking to move complement their Core enerprise potfolio with a robust Business Process & Workflow Management solution
MFP service providers requiring scanned images to be managed via a digital platform
Consultancy firms helping their clients along a BPR process to convert their physical assets to digital
Auditing firms aiding their client to comply with audit, corporate, & legal requirements.
Specialist offering industry based knowledge and able to translate it into digital business logic
Individuals supporting organizations digitization efforts, running their own consultancy business
A man explaining how exactly could workflow processes solve problems in different industries

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How does our partner journey looks like?

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2. In the meantime

Check out our presentation

partner presentation
4. Allocate one of your consultant
to be an Itiner platform expert
5. Let your consultant take part
in our two day long training course
6. Have your consultant master
everything the platform can do
7. Build a demo workflow with us
8. Start demonstrating Itiner to your clients
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Step 8
Get in touch with us
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In the meantime

Check out our presentation

partner presentation
Access our Demo environment

Workflow management

Document management

Allocate one of your consultant
to be an Itiner platform expert
Let your consultant take part
in our two day long training course
Have your consultant master
everything the platform can do
Build a demo workflow with us
Start demonstrating Itiner to your clients
partner material

Check out Itiner's Partner material

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What does Itiner do differently?

We approach Business Process Management
from a different angle

We turn Business Process Management into a well oiled machine. We both fix the broken parts and replace legacy tools with modern components. The end result is a completely automated conveyor belt style Workflow system which is as simple and error proof as an ATM.

Multiple ATMs


Danu Temelie

„Through collaboration with Itiner, RIM is the number one go to solution provider for the financial and banking sector in Southern Africa.”

Jeff Thuo

„Our partnership with Itiner enables us to easily gain new customers even after a single demonstration.”

Bóday Csaba
Sales Manager

„Our main goal is providing innovative technologies to further our clients’ digitization efforts. With Itiner this is easily achieved.”

Rita Nagy
Multi-Country Manager Croatia & Hungary
Iron Mountain

„Itiner acts as the backbone of our digital offering in the CEE region. Enabling us to focus on not only physical but also digital document, process and case management.”

How do we support our partners?

A Pre-set best practice demo environment for sales

Dedicated training programs and test environments

A set of marketing and sales supporting material

Quality Insurance and vendor technical support

A complete digitization lifecycle guide and roadmap

Dy-design built in Documents managements from the start

We provide over 20 years of experience in the market

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