Digitalization Strategy 101

Digital transformation is revolutionizing how organizations work in many ways, and those who do not lag behind with adapting digitalized technologies already reap the benefits of going electronic.

Most organizations think that digitalization is about replacing paper with digital files,

but that is a misconception. Digitalization is more about the revolution of processes, about creating new ways and opportunities, with a significant value to offer.  Organizations can benefit greatly from utilizing workflow automation and implementing digital task management, as well as standard and controlled processes, while also cutting down on redundant email communication.

  • Workflow automation
  • Digital Task management
  • Standardized and controlled processes
  • Less email

But this transformation is no small task, and really puts businesses to the test. Going from outdated systems to electronic solutions requires time, resources, and planning, and in most cases, your IT department might bear a significantly greater burden than necessary.

Without centralized tools for handling processes, tracking tasks and communicating, your progress is prone to bottle necks, human error and non-standard results. Training is another critical part, because it is expensive, and if employees are not highly flexible, they might stay on a single track when trained for very specific tasks and skills, which is becoming less than optimal in today’s dynamic markets. Isolated solutions and overly complicated workflows that were gradually built over time will not bring the results that the modern-age businesses need to prosper, and the list of hurdles and pitfalls along the way is really long.

The best tool for tackling all the challenges of your company’s digital transformation is a high scale horizontal digital transformation platform. 

At the initial stages your organization’s paper-based document backlog must be digitized, but this does not even have to be the endless and cumbersome process it seems.

With the power of smart and seamless solutions, you can easily transform all the documentation into electronic form, and then channel all documents and cases to a workflow management system. This way you can digitally manage all cases throughout their entire lifecycles from creation until archiving.

Electronic-based documentation also allows for making all the necessary documents and data available to anyone, anywhere, and by complementing it with an access management solution, you can be sure that only those employees can see and use the documents, who need it for completing their actual tasks.

This makes work faster, and privacy easier to ensure.

By implementing a digital interface for task management and measuring the productivity of the workforce, you allow the effectiveness of your business and the quality of work to skyrocket

Such a digital platform is also an ideal place for creating and employing client management solutions, to always have a grip on customer projects from requirements to status and deadlines and having all the necessary information on a customer right at your fingertips.

You can highly streamline your workflows by creating digital templates and using a digital signature system for signing. And the list goes on about how smart and automated solutions can simplify the work of your organization and improve the outcomes.

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