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Everything you need to know about Digital Complaint Management

Complaint Management is one of the most crucial engagement activities an organization conducts with its customer base. Dealing with unsatisfied, inquisitive, or furious clients is a form of art on its own, which is why companies should aim for simplifying their customer service processes and platforms as much as possible to make the job of representatives easier.

If thoroughly implemented, complaint management can ensure better customer satisfaction and higher retention, which should be the utmost objective of all customer care units and managers. On the contrary, poorly handled claims and requests quickly lead to losing customers, which deteriorates the overall results and performance of the business.

The essence of successful customer care is keeping in mind that customers are already dissatisfied and in a state that needs to be resolved as fast as possible. Fortunately, with a proper complaint management solution in place, your organization will be able to successfully navigate across the traps lurking along the rocky road of customer care.

Major drawbacks limiting complaint-handling

Despite customer service representatives doing their best to cater to the needs of clients, there are some hindering factors that decrease the team’s efficacy. These can derive from the structure of the underlying system - or its lack thereof -, the very nature of customer care,  or can simply originate from the lack of adequate functionalities of the used technology.

Let’s explore some factors in detail.

An excessive amount of administration

If you’ve ever worked as a customer care agent, you know very well that sometimes administration processes coming with the case take longer to fulfill than actually solving the problem of the client. As the procedure of administration is long, customer care specialists won’t have time to focus on anything else, especially not on handling more complaints. These manual requirements eat up lots of resources, which could’ve been put to better use, like increasing the quality of service or helping more customers in need.


Without a streamlined complaint management system and predefined workflows, most customer care units solve issues in an ad hoc manner. Where there aren’t any predefined allocation rules, clear processes, and role or issue hierarchy, complaints might not reach the relevant departments, not to mention that it basically becomes impossible to trace back prior communication with the customer.

In a team like this, it becomes excessively complicated to train a new workforce, while new colleagues might feel at a loss when facing so far unseen cases or requests.

Lack of automation

Manually handling each complaint while establishing and preserving high-quality customer care has become an almost impossible challenge. With constantly elevating customer expectations you will need to at least let them know their voice is heard and someone will respond soon. The majority of clients will also want to know what stage their complaint is in and when will it be reviewed and resolved. Following up with everyone as well as solving newly incoming issues in a way that positively affects the image of the corporation is too much pressure to be held by customer care agents. 

Gathering information through complaint forms, and sending automated replies and notifications is immense assistance that those organizations should opt for who are looking to augment the quality of their service and the satisfaction of their workforce.

Fortunately, these obstacles can be easily resolved with a Complaint Management solution in place, which helps to streamline, digitize and automate all complaint-handling processes.

What to look for in a Complaint Management solution?

Obviously, there are many different software solutions out there in the market. However, there are some must-have traits that you shouldn’t compromise. 


First and foremost, your new Complaint Management software needs to be easily adaptable and simple to use. You should definitely look for a tool, which is easy to learn with a low skill ceiling, so it can be used the next day after implementation and internal launch. 

Also, make sure that the interface of the chosen solution is user-friendly and transparent, as you don’t want to further complicate the life of your personnel with a non-intuitive tool.

Error-free operation

Taking into consideration the volume of complaints needed to be handled on a daily basis, the system must be bulletproof to ensure undisturbed service. What is more, just like an ATM, it should guide the user’s actions along the way, making sure they won’t make any mistakes.

Easy integration

When talking about the underlying ecosystem of customer care, there is always a massive infrastructure in the background with multiple components. As a result, integration is key not only to ensuring steady and reliable information streams across these systems but also to minimizing the impact of adding a new solution to the bunch. The fewer changes your new solution requires to existing environments the better.


In this article, we’ve explored the question of Complaint Management in detail. First, we’ve seen that an excessive amount of administration, confusion, and a lack of automation are the biggest drawbacks of not having a complaint management system. These factors decrease the effectiveness of customer care and cause an unnecessary burden to the responsible colleagues.

Fortunately, a well-orchestrated Complaint Management software, with must-have functions and traits such as easy integration, error-free operation, and simplicity can resolve all performance and workflow issues disturbing the smooth day-to-day operation of customer care units.

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