Advantages of No-Code Workflow Management over Custom Development

Developing applications specifically for your company’s needs assures that the tool will be right for the purpose. The Itiner Digital Platform offers intelligent no-code solutions that helps your business to jumpstart its digital transformation. It let you to say goodbye to all the slow and difficult ways of operation, saves time and money for you and help maximizing your success.

More than a software: actual solutions

Digital transformation is a complex and challenging process for many organizations. They feel the need to modify a workflow but don’t know how to do it exactly or where to start. At Itiner Digital we wanted to create solutions that are more than a basic software so they can bring actual change and progress into a company’s life. We’ve seen the challenges that organizations have to face when it comes to digitalization and process management: with our more than two decades of experience our solutions are able to provide an answer to most business issues.

Time and cost-effectiveness:

The no-code approach minimizes the complexity of development and implementation on the user’s side. Why it’s important to you? An average custom development project can take 6–12 months to go through all the stages from research to implementation. We have an easy to follow roadmap for our customers so with our no-code solutions you only need to take 4 easy steps to revolutionize your workflows. The average development time for our customized products is 2-6 weeks but our prebuilt, off-the-shelf solutions are even faster than that. It means that you can focus on your work which becomes quicker and more effective without help.

Custom development solutions are highly-priced. With all the time and resources needed, such projects can cost hundreds of thousand or even millions of dollars. If you would start your digital transformation this way that would also mean that most of your IT department would be overloaded with work. In many cases, companies need to hire extra IT help, which generates even higher costs. In comparison, the no-code solutions are not only IT or business driven but combines these two which leads to perfect balance. It doesn’t require any hardcore IT knowledge and participation from your side: we do all the hardwork.


Custom-made development might sound good for first but these ready-made software applications have fixed sets of capabilities which is not suitable for every situation. There is a shocking 75% that dislike the custom-made end products. How is that possible? Besides the already mentioned unbearable length of implementation and extra costs: this approach means increased workload even before it would be implemented and the final product is highly restricted for the average user to work with. Instead of this we created customizable frameworks: we guide you through perfectly sophisticated flows while considering your business’ features. This way you will have optimized processes while keeping your flexibility. Each company has its own characteristic and unlike many would think, digitalization doesn’t have to suppress it. At Itiner Digital we believe in keeping an organization’s flexibility while providing management tools for them so this way we can maximize both the client’s success and satisfaction.

How does it work in real life?


A national public utilities service provider reached out to Itiner Digital with the need of a service that is capable of handling all their contract related processes. As the result of the first discussion it turned out that besides the original need, our solutions are able to support their operation in other ways as well. They were satisfied to see the bigger picture about their own workflows so Itiner Digital provided the necessary administrative processes alongside a secure, fast-working system, which besides being able to fulfill the daily needs of their colleagues, allows them to measure the in-working employees as well. The organization needed invoice identification, contract management, partner databases, free parameterization, and document management solutions and we were happy to bring these to them. After a very intensive time of work all the required modules were introduced! The biggest success factor of this cooperation – besides the obvious joy that they are happy with our solutions – is that they were able to not only recognize the need in one field of their operation but they decided to take a bigger step with our support towards digitalization, standardization and transparency by optimizing and harmonizing several different workflows.


In 2019, a decision was made that a digital document and workflow management system had to be launched urgently at a Hungarian commercial bank with thousands of employees. The greatest challenges for the project were the extremely short time available for implementation -3 months at a company with 5000 employees-, and the continuously changing business goals. The client was an enormous organization with fragmented and unique operations, where the end-users had no prior digitalization experience. These are some of the circumstances under which theItiner Digital Platform proved it’s able to shine!

The project's main objective was to implement a solution to support the workflow of front desks and back offices with one integrated software. Because of the complexity of banking procedures, legal environment, and the short timeframe, the completion of the project might have seemed to be impossible during the planning phase. However, the endeavor was highly successful with Itiner Digital’s solution managing and supporting the daily routine of more than 5000 employees. The implemented solutions were able to provide unified workflows, improve business performance and support agile approach.

Jumpstart your digital transformation

In the era of digital transformation most companies want to automate and optimize their business processes by implementing workflow management solutions to achieve greater efficiency. As the use cases above presented different companies from all sectors with divergent needs reach out to Itiner Digital and we can provide solutions for all these needs. By using no-code workflow management, your organization can develop optimized and harmonized workflows without the need of any hardcore coding skills or IT knowledge while keeping the company’s features. The Itiner Digital Platform can be flexibly suited for your organizational structure and implemented within a relatively short time in order to support your business performance as soon as possible.

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