How to prepare your organization for AI assisted workflows

It’s a long road from paper to AI, and who takes such a journey without proper equipment? And it is also good to have a plan! Let us see the detailed steps for digital transformation.

To start planning, first you must identify the paper-based processes that need to be digitized and define the goals of the digital transformation project. This will serve as a base for developing a well-thought-out plan for the endeavor, including timelines, milestones, and budget.

Assessment of the existing IT infrastructure is necessary to ensure it can support the changeover. Having done both the assessment and the planning, you already possess the information needed to select a digital transformation platform that fits the needs of the business.

It will be necessary to train the employees on how to use the chosen platform, and this training should also be well-timed. You may even develop digital workflows that mimic the paper-based workflows, and it is very important to establish data input standards and protocols to ensure consistency and accuracy.

After the essential preparations, it is time to digitize all relevant paper-based documents, including invoices, receipts, and contracts. Implement electronic signatures for approvals and authorizations! Integrate the digital transformation platform with other business systems, such as accounting or HR systems. You will need to establish a central database to store all digital documents and records. To make use of your shiny new digital database, develop digital dashboards and reports to monitor performance. But such a database is a really valuable asset, so you have to protect it. Establish access control protocols to ensure the security of your data. Also develop disaster recovery and business continuity plans because you must be prepared for bad luck and worst-case scenarios also. You can even establish protocols for data backup and recovery. And you also have to take care of data you do not use anymore – to this end, develop a process for archiving and disposing of outdated records. 

Digital transformation via solutions such as Itiner gives you the opportunity to always keep up with the trends and prepare for a changing business environment. You can establish a process for regularly reviewing and updating digital workflows and protocols, so your business easily adapts.

Establish a process for auditing digital records to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. This way you can keep up consumer trust and protect your business with the power of digital technology. It also really pays to develop a communication plan to inform stakeholders about the progress of the digital transformation project. You may even implement a platform for receiving feedback from employees and stakeholders to improve the process.

An endeavor like digital transformation also requires you to prepare for many kinds of problems and errors. You can develop a process for conducting risk assessments and implementing risk mitigation strategies. It is essential to establish a process for addressing technical issues and providing technical support to employees. Also develop a process for addressing data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents. For the sake of security and quality, establish a process for monitoring and addressing compliance issues.

By doing the steps discussed here, you can have a fully digital-based business that is ready to utilize the opportunities provided by AI solutions.

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